New Balance Made a Sock Sneaker Even Dads Can Love

When we learned that the 1400 was in store for an update, we not-so-subtly suggested to New Balance, "Don’t mess it up!" Testers happily report that v2 is true to the original, while lighter, more breathable materials used in the construction of the upper helped shave nearly an ounce from the overall weight. “I liked the superlight weight and that it felt like a glove,” said Tish Hamilton, executive editor of Runner’s World. “I used this for intervals. Happily.” You will be happy if you go at least one-half size larger than normal; the 1400 v2 runs short.
The 1400 remains the same “cushiony racing flat” with a substantial heel-toe drop that made the V1 popular. As such, it remains a tester favorite for 10K or half marathon racing and longer tempo runs. Some even found the REVlite provided sufficient cushioning for a marathon or 50K. The smooth heel-toe transition and comfort of the snug-fitting, breathable upper were great continuations from the first version, although one tester questioned the neutrality of the midsole, feeling it encouraged a medial roll, and several felt the overlays on the upper reduced the flexibility of the fit compared to the prior version.
“I loved the first version of this shoe; it was my daily shoe for the past couple of years. I don’t notice any significant bad changes in this second version.”—Scott Douglas, South Portland, Maine
“Upgrade from the original 1400—keeps the same lightness as the V1 with the same soft feel, but with a thinner, lighter upper than the original edition. Fantastic lightweight training shoe that’s also great for tempos and marathons.”—Jay Barry, New York City
“Great amount of cushioning when considering the weight of this shoe. Definitely not an everyday running shoe, but perfect for speed.”—Giancarlos Zambrano, New York City

New Balance is better known for shoes your dad loves than for sleek, modern kicks—but that doesn’t mean the company is afraid to play with trends. The brand’s 247 silhouette has quickly become a favorite for its sporty-casual vibe—something a little more 21st century than always-classic New Balance has usually messed around with. And now, things are going even further: the popular style is getting the sock-sneaker (what we like to call “snocker”) treatment. The snocker trend has emerged in 2017 across brands (from Nike to Zara) and pricepoints (from Zara to Balenciaga), so it should come as little surprise that even an old school brand like New Balance is getting in on the action.

The latest iteration of the 247 gets a new mid-top shape, elevated with an engineered knit collar that wraps up around the ankle, and features subtle rubberized accents and reflective details. It comes in tonal black, grey, and tan colorways as well as orange, beige, and light grey options that are nicely paired with white midsoles and rubber gum outsoles. Plus, you can expect the same trademark level of comfort that New Balance is known for—only, y’know, quadrupled by the whole “wearing a sock with a sole on it” thing.

And while the traditional New England brand’s bulky running shoes cheap new balance shoes 574 aren’t always the “good” kind of ugly, this shift doesn’t come as a huge surprise. In recent years, NB has push to modernize their image with revamped silhouettes such as the streamlined 574S, and the 247 has been billed as their hip lifestyle sneaker since it launched earlier this year. (Of course, not everything about the brand has gotten the memo.) But the 247 Mid is a continuation of that progression: it’s a stylish blend of old and new that filters New Balance’s heritage into one of today’s trendiest looks without causing any secondhand embarrassment. We’ve always loved New Balance shoes because they look good on preppy dudes, punk-leaning dudes, style-agnostic dad dudes, and everyone in between. In that respect, at least, the new sock-sneaker isn’t much of a change at all.

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