Little pink shoes struck, tease your girl heart

Like a breeze blowing, this summer, small powder shoes quickly captured you girls

Foot wear, are those pink shoes, the popular table burst of the new sneakers, the major brands have been pulled pink trend, set off a while cool girl pink movement style. AI Jun know several very popular pink brand recently, see crush you have to keep up with the fashion trend yet.

Pink Recommended One, New Balance

To see the sky full of cherry, there is always full of sweet, New Balance brand, introduced a year eye-catching series of sneakers, so that girls are unbearable!

New Balance pink retro leisure jogging shoes sneakers womens shoes WR996GH

Also belong to the new style of unique style, the body adding white, gray elements, make this pair of pink sneakers even more stylish, or it is so light and breathable.

Pink Recommended two, ADIDAS

Adidas cherry pink shoes, though simple but gorgeous Psalm, this pink beauty is without any carved natural color, simple and elegant beauty, this beauty, the United States into the heart.

Pink Recommended three, NIKE

The Nike Air Presto Ultra BR women’s sneakers coolly unveil the Presto collection of T-shirts, renowned for fit, wherever you are, combined with a soft, breathable knit fabric for exceptional breathability and lightness.

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